EroMassagen4u - outcall + incall services for hedonists

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EroMassagen4u - outcall + incall services for hedonists

EroMassagen4u - outcall + incall services for hedonists
€ 80,00


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Be welcome to your new Erotic Healing !

- Outcall & Incall service -

Starting new from 2020, offering 6 different erotic experiences to satisfy your desire and cure your erotic needs for any gender and any sex - hetero, bi, gay - women, ts, men, couples and groups.

My service is full nude only, cause i am working with full body and parts like fingers, hands, arms, body, face, nose, tongue and my dig.

Just join my erotic service:

1. erotic healing (incall/outcall)
(Its an experience of body, mind and soul for erotic healing)

This service is best for sexual beginners who like to start slowly with nude body-to-body contact, touching, cuddeling, body kisses and classical petting.

2. erotic massages (incall/outcall)
(enjoy only nude body contact or erotic massages - no sex)

This service is best for beginng hedonists who likes to feel and enjoy deep emotions on body; best pleased mind and body, sexual desire by touching erogene zones and sexual contact without penetration of erogene zones.

3. erotic massages with erotic service (incall/outcall)
(enjoy nude body contact with full erotic body massages and sexual service)

This service is best for advanced hedonists who likes to feel deep and enjoy deep feelings on and in body; pleasing mind, body and soul with sexual desire by touching erogene zones and deep sexual contact.

4. erotic services (incall/outcall)
(pure oral, intimate, anal + a/p bi sex services)

This service is best for horny hedonists who likes deep sexual feelings by penetration to fullfill their sexual needs with direct sex in any way.

5. erotic cooking (outcall)
(nude cooking, nude dining, nude massages and opt. a/p bi sex service)

This service is best for gourmet hedonists who like to feel taste on every level of body, mind and feelings to increase erotic feelings for holistic orgasm - an experience for body. mind and soul to create an erotic atmosphere and plunge into ecstasy of senses.

6. erotic model (incall/outcall)
(full nude model, sc/hc model, gb model, body part model and nude + sex buddy model)

This service is best for fetish hedonists who have an individual fetish for special sexual fullfilment to please their sexual needs by watching me in nude poses and sexual action for erotic private use or comercial production for selling content - as voyeur only, porn cameraman, porn regisseur or porn producer.

Outcall i am offering full range all over the Netherlands;

Incall i am serving only erotic healing, erotic massages and sex + fetish services.
Meet me Incall locally in Weerselo, Overijssle on every Thursday and Friday 08:00 - 23:00 hr, starting from 16.01.2020;
also dating locally in Utrecht/Utrecht on any other days is possible too.

I hope you enjoyed reading my virtual offers to you - now choose your reality with me!

Be welcome to join my service in the Netherlands - details and booking via websites!


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